Horse Fences

We offer a unique and high-quality range of horse fencing. With our different types of wooden closures, we try to tailor our offer to the wishes of each customer.


Our Range of Fences

We produce and process the components for our fences from our home base in West Flanders. Our authentic processes guarantee the quality of your fencing. In addition to the wooden components, you can also contact us for electric fence and meadow features.

For both our gates and our fences we work with “Pine / Pine” – “Tropical Hardwood” – “Acacia” – “Okan” by default. Other types of wood are of course possible in mutual consultation, inquire about the possibilities without obligation. We are happy to tailor our offer to your needs.

A suitable fence for horses must meet all kinds of conditions. First of all, the fence must be sturdy. That is why we select the very best and most sustainable types of wood for you: Norwegian pine, acacia and tropical hardwood. It must also be safe, so that the horses do not injure themselves. Finally, it is also important that the fence for your horse pasture fits in with the environment. If you opt for rustic charm, our Woody 6 may be for you. By always choosing the best wood, we can guarantee that the fence for your meadow will have a long life. The wooden fence requires virtually no extra maintenance.

Why choose us

Wooden Fences and Garden Fences

Decorative value

A garden fence made of a natural material is not only functional, it also has a decorative value. That is why a wooden fence is ideal to give your garden a stylish character. Wood is a warm and natural product that suits many styles, both in rural and modern gardens. In addition, the material of the wood that we offer is very durable. The higher the quality of the wood and therefore also your fence, the longer it can last. There is less maintenance and the life is longer. In short: a quality product that also gives your garden or meadow a beautiful appearance.


The types of wood we choose are of excellent quality. Our pine wood is kiln dried and impregnated to saturation. This allows us to guarantee that the wood is maintenance-free. This also applies to our tropical hardwood and acacia. These types of wood also have a long life.

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