This horse fence is made entirely of hardwood, both the posts and the beams. This is our most durable fence, durability class I.

  • Hardwood posts with diamond head, milled band and slotted holes
  • Hardwood planks with rounded corners are pushed through the holes
  • 2, 3 or more beams

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  • Posts and beams in tropical hardwood
  • Maintenance free and long life


HEIGHT 1m to 2m
POSTS (vertical) Dimensions of posts 10×10 cm or 11.5×11.5 cm
Material poles Tropical hardwood
Distance between posts 2.5 m
BEAMS (horizontal) Number of beams 2, 3 or more
Dimensions beams 2.5 m long 3.5×12 cm or 4×12 cm
Beams material Tropical hardwood
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